House Rules

Flat damage

Except for cinematic fights, damage will be based on weapon average to accelerate the process. To enhance the rule and make it somewhat more random, hit-rolls will affect damage in the following way:

  • The base target to hit will be an unmodified damage hit.
  • For every 2 points over the target, add one to the damage roll.
  • Similarly, for every 2 points under the target, subtract one from damage, to a minimum of 0.

An example:

A half-elf rogue – str 12 – using a rapier (1d6, midpoint 3) attacks a kobold (AC 15). The rogue rolls 16+1=17. Result is 5 damage: 3 (weapon’s median damage) +1 (strength bonus) +1 (roll bonus for exceeding the roll by 2)…a great hit which would kill an “average” kobold warrior.

Similarly, if the rogue had rolled 12, 3 below the target difficulty, it would have dropped the damage by 2 resulting in 3+1-2=4 damage…still enough to drop the average kobold.

In game terms, either way is a win for Team Stabby. The first would be a resounding victory, possibly a casual parry followed by a vicious slash to the throat. The second, a fair hit to the chest, penetrating armor and skin to penetrate the heart.


Player stats will be generated as 2d6+6, roll 6 times and assign as desired. No re-rolls.

House Rules

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