About the world

The (known) world has three major land masses.

The largest, approximately 60% of the continental mass, is a single piece containing five major players.

  • Thayrus – a monotheistic theocracy. Very aggressive toward outsiders. Controls the eastern side of the landmass.
  • Aelius – another monotheistic culture, ruled by noble lineage annointed by their god. Their culture is more open to outsiders, and they are non-aggressive. They control the southwestern section of the continent.
  • Vrgosh – the dwarves rule the mountains and passes protecting the western side of the continent from the Thayran. They are isolationist.
  • Apshira – a blasted, wild wasteland occupying the north. The organized occupants of this area tend toward tribal and clan organizations, although infrequently large raiding parties do form.
  • The Hllavic Confederacy – the western shores of the continent are a conglomeration of city-states which formed mutual protection pacts from the Apshiran raiding parties.

The second largest mass, approximately 30% of the total land, is ruled by a single empire: Atrach. The ruler is a despot, ruthless and evil, and their culture is monotheistic.

The final 10% is a sparse string of large islands between the two continents, many have become heavily fortified city-states friendly toward the Hllavic Confederacy but not members of it yet.

About the world

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